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Oh-so-social media

Here’s a curiosity I came across:  Greg Jaffe writes an article in The Washington Post about outgoing Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli.  I didn’t think much of the article one way or another.  But then I saw that the Defense Department spokesman Captain John Kirby tweeted about the piece: “Grt piece by WashPost’s Greg Jaffe on Gen. Chiarelli, the ‘Army’s Advocate General.’ Worth a read”

It isn’t the first time Kirby has given a shout out to a Pentagon reporter, but “great piece,” “worth a read”?

I know the dogged and extremely nice Jaffe and have met and dealt with the squared away Kirby, but this kind of Washington symbiosis stinks.  The Pentagon, the government, the administration, keeps score, and the highest reward for a reporter is to score the interview or access.   Maybe Chiarelli completely deserves the valentine; I don’t know him.  But what I’d like to see more of from Kirby, if he’s going to bother to tweet, is some opinion on what he thinks is a crappy article.  Either that, or he should just stick to being the spokesman for the defense department.