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You can contact me via email at

I twitter @warkin

I also have a Facebook page.

Snail mail:
William M. Arkin
PO Box 149
South Pomfret, VT 05067


5 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Hello, I’m James Baker.
    I sent a letter to the address.
    However, the message failed.

    Do you have an e-mail address, I will contact you?
    There are important questions

  2. Dear William can you send me a email the email to you failed My emil
    Thank You
    David watt

  3. Your October book-talk from Norwich was on the radio tonight. You touted the efficacy/efficiency of US (drone) bombing in Syria. Now that it’s been established, for example, that the US did nothing to identify or interfere with the ISIS cross-border oil transport operation, would you care to revise that?

    (If not, does that mean you acknowledge US support for DAESH?)

  4. Tried to send you the following but google mail daemon says your gawker account is disabled:

    Hello William

    Former special forces intelligence & self exiled anti-corruption investigator here. Just now in process of trying to put the underbelly of geopolitical intrigue behind and normalize my life. I invite a look at my page, particularly my personal story of negotiating the labyrinth of international assassins related to contemporary “Gladio.”

    Ron West

    “The history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than a history of crime” -Voltaire

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