Top Secret America and Snowden: An Analysis

The limits of investigative journalism

How two media accounts of the intrusive security state led to different political outcomes

By Jay Rosen in American Review

Making knowledge public does not a knowledgeable public make. This is the thought I wish to impress upon you. It was probably always true, but certain things have happened lately that make contemplating this truth an urgent priority for those of us trying to understand how national publics can be better informed. (continued)


One response to “Top Secret America and Snowden: An Analysis

  1. from the article:
    “In 2010: a major investigation of classified programs uncovers government overreach and lack of accountability on a massive and troubling scale, but nothing happens. In 2013 similar revelations result in the biggest challenge to the security state since the Church Committee hearings in the aftermath of Watergate. Why?
    I don’t think we have a general theory of public knowledge that can answer this question”

    Actually, we do, but it involves the coup d’etat of November 22, 1963, a taboo topic for most USA intellectuals.

    It is my belief that since the JFK assassination the secret government, the CIA and the [Military Industrial Complex], have been running the show. They have not allowed anyone to become president, from either party, that was not under their control.
    — Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

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