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Homeland Security Fear Factors

EmergencyPrep10thAnv_Infographic11.inddHere’s how I read this new poster from  Fifty percent increase in disasters in the past 10 years?  Government incentives to have a disaster declared and more, in everyone’s interest.  But the number of people who actually participate in this idiotic and no doubt expensive government pep-rally is tiny.  The only real statistic here is the claim that more than half of Americans have prepared emergency kits.  I don’t know whether that’s true but it is an indicator of a lack of public confidence in government’s ability to deal with disaster.  So as a self-help program, I guess the government telling everyone that they are on their own is working.

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NSA, A little help with Transparency

Just the facts.  How can the basic organization of a multi-billion dollar government agency be a secret?  Corrections and additions welcome

National Security Agency

Ten Operational Directorates

  • FAD – Foreign Affairs Directorate
  • IAD – Information Assurance Directorate
    • IC – Cyber Integration
    • IE – Engagement
    • I2 – Trusted Engineering Solutions
    • I3 – IA Operations
    • I4 – Fusion, Analysis and Mitigations
  • NCSC – NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center
  • NSOC – National Security Operations Center
  • NTOC – NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center
  • RD – Research Directorate
    • R1 – Math Research
    • R2 – Trusted Systems Research
    • R3 – Lab for Physical Sciences (LPS)
    • R4 – Lab for Telecom Sciences (LTS)
    • R05 – Center for Advanced Study of Languages
    • R6 – Computer and Info Sciences
    • RX – Special Access Research
  • ADET – Associate Directorate for Education and Training
  • SID – Signals Intelligence Directorate
    • S1 – Customer Relations
    • S2 – Analysis and Production
    • S2A- South Asia
    • S2B- China & Korea
    • S2C- International Security
    • S2D- Counter Foreign Intelligence
    • S2E- MEA
    • S2F- International Crime & Narcotics
    • S2G- Combatting Proliferation & Arms Control
    • S2H- Russia
    • S2I- Counterterrorism
    • S2J- Weapons and Space
    • S3 – Data Acquisition
    • S31222/IDEP
  • TD – Technology Directorate
    • TE – Enterprise Systems Engineering and Architecture
    • TS – Information and System Security
    • TT – Independent Test and Evaluation
    • T1 – Mission Capabilities
    • T2 – Business Capabilities
    • T3 – Enterprise IT Services
    • T332 Global Enterprise Command Center
    • T5 – High Performance Computing
    • T6 – Tech SIGINT & Ground Capabilities