Kuwait has a secret military band!?

I last wrote about the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing and its classified location.   But this little news clip from the Air Force even more demonstrates the inanity of official secrecy, as the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, location classified, held an open house with the “host nation,” inviting families on the undisclosed location.  Even the “host nation band” — that’s all the Air Force can say — played.

Secret Kuwaiti Military Band Playing at Classified Kuwaiti Location

According to the 386th Wing “Welcome Packet:”

“Due to host nation sensitivities, the 386th AEW is in a non-releasable location.  It can’t be referred to by name, nor can you list the host nation. It must be referred to as a “deployed location” or an “undisclosed location in Southwest Asia.” It can also be referred to as 386th Air Expeditionary Wing or the “Rock.”

Wikipedia and other web sources readily identify the 386th as being deployed at Ali al Salem airbase in Kuwait, which is where it is, even stated in its own official Packet.  Has anyone seriously examined what the cost is to us (or to Kuwait) of having these bases that are known to all and our adversaries but are official secrets?


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