Homeland Security By the Numbers

The 3,134 page justification material for the fiscal year 2013 budget request that was sent to Congress on Monday is an eye-glazing, pre-formatted pile of … paper.   Let’s hope for the tree’s sake that no one prints it out.

Besides the outrage (blog coming) that the Department of Homeland Security seems immune to even the most modest and substantive cuts – except for the Coast Guard – I’ve been trying to think of a way, beyond the one-day story, to actually describe the department’s priorities, and the message the budget is intended to convey.

I’ve taken the entire budget, indexed it by words mentioned, and then sorted it in various ways.  This is one way to read it:

Top 10 words in the 3,134 page (number of times mentioned)

Security 4698
Services 3872
Management 3087
Change 3014
Obligations 2943
Requested 2789
DHS 2541
Support 2486
Federal 2367
Personnel 2246

Top 10 substantive words

Security 4698
Homeland 2045
Enforcement 1142
Border 1107
Protection 1006
Detection 942
risk 891
Emergency 861
Threats 854
law 814

Institutions mentioned in the budget

DHS 2541
Customs and Border Protection 1555
TSA 842
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 780
Coast Guard 866
FEMA 771
Domestic Nuclear Detection Office 436
Congress 411
Secretary of Homeland Security 389
Headquarters 326
President 288
Department of Defense 124
FBI 79
Federal Air Marshal Service 55
Department of Justice 50
U.S. Secret Service 37
Joint Terrorist Task Force 9
Directorate of National Intelligence 1
Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency 1

What’s the Department of Homeland Security is doing

adjust, adjusted, adjusting, adjustments 3736
Change 3014
decrease, decreases 1904
Increase 1862
accountability, accountable 119
Decreases 77
Eliminate 25
Close 17
Abandoned 2
Abolished 2
Support 2
cancel, canceled 2
Cuts 2

Get the Message?

cyber, cyber-space 600
flood, floods, flooding 571
terror, terrorism, terrorist 566
crime, criminals 547
Nuclear 523
radiation, radiological 329
bio-terror 271
manmade 95
Natural 89
disease, diseases 66
Mexico 55
violence, violent 55
hurricane, hurricanes 38
agro-terrorism, agro-defense 28
IEDs (improvised explosive devices) 22
storm, storms 15
China 9
Virus 6
Arab 3
Pandemic 3
narco-terrorism 2
radical, radicalization 2
Flu 1
Al Qaeda 1
Islam, Islamic 0

WMD-rules, and though terrorism is the threat, al Qaeda and Islam can’t be mentioned.  Also, for the hurricane threatened, beware.


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